• Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

    Why it is important to hire an experienced commercial cleaning company

    The requirement for office, builders, school and factory cleaners

    Commercial cleaning services can encompass many different environments, tasks and specific customer requirements.

    Professional cleaning companies engaged in bidding for commercial tenders may be asked to supply staff to service office accommodation, construction sites, educational establishments, factories, warehouses, stores and shops. Experience, health and safety standards and allocated shift times are of paramount importance if these tenders are to be secured and maintained.


    Office Cleaning is the mainstay bread-and-butter commercial cleaning service. This is in part due to the nature of office buildings with a constant turnover of staff and reshuffling of individual rooms or accommodation. These contracts are desirable because they tend to be long term and provide stability and security for the firm responsible for the contract.


    Builders cleaning typically involves both a large post-construction clean up at the end of a project and several smaller interim cleans that take place over the course of a build. Building sites are a challenging environment for commercial cleaners because the projects vary massively in their scales, materials used to compete the build and the location of the sites themselves. Cleaners involved in these projects need to be hard working and experienced as some of the sites (and locations) encountered are not for the faint hearted.


    School, college or university cleans are perhaps the most challenging when it comes to supplying the best staff to initialise and continue with these contracts. These environments mean working in close proximity with children, which dictates the need for DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks for the staff working at these sites. These premises are subjected to more wear and tear than any other due to the high-energy levels possessed by the pupils. These sites need to be cleaned to very high standards due to frequent scheduled as well as ad-hoc visits.


    The cleaning of factory premises frequently involves working in very large environments and coming in to contact with industrial machinery. These machines can pose a hazard to cleaners, which necessitates the need for a thorough understanding of their tasks. In-depth briefs are vital for all commercial cleaning staff working in factories so that they are fully aware of their role within the premises and of any equipment which should be avoided due to risk level.